nLite to the rescue – Or how I installed a 3rd party Via Raid Driver without a floppy

Written by James McDonald

November 23, 2007

Just have had the worst day trying to get an OS onto an old P4 which has an Asus P4P800 mboard and an embedded via raid controller.

After a disk corruption caused by running chkdsk /f C:. Update: Looks like the disk corruption wasn’t caused by my disk check because when I did a complete restore from tape the exact same problem occurred sigh.

I Tried to re-install Windows 2003 Server on it and it didn’t have the drivers. and I don’t have a floppy drive on this machine. I tried all sorts of weird and wonderful WINNT.sif TXTSETUP.sif TXTSETUP.OEM hacks, and rebuilding the CDROM using a cd build tool from barts.


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