open-vm-tools The VMware Tools power-on script did not run successfully in this virtual machine.

Written by James McDonald

November 5, 2018

Note: Before doing the below also check to make sure you are not deleting the proper scripts. Only delete the dpk-old or .old.X files

cd /etc/vmware-tools/
cd scripts/vmware
# there was a heap of old scripts that 
# had been renamed but still being executed
vim network.dpkg-old 
vim network.old.0

# so I removed them from /etc/vmware-tools/scripts/vmware
sudo rm -rf network.*

# also from /etc/vmware-tools
cd /etc/vmware-tools/
sudo rm -rf *dpkg-old
sudo rm -rf *.old.0

# reboot 
sudo shutdown -r now


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