react-scripts 2.0.0 yarn build no runtime chunk

Written by James McDonald

September 28, 2018

Update:  So after tweeting about this I had a massive fanboy moment when Dan Abramov replied, got the details and then fixed the problem in v2.0.3. So to fix this you just need to run:

yarn add [email protected]
npm install [email protected]

No longer a problem

Just did an upgrade of create-react-app react-scripts using

yarn add react-scripts@next

Then discovered after a yarn build that there was no runtime javascript being created

In the asset-manifest.json the files below that aren’t being generated are

The files that are generated are


  "main.css": "/react/static/css/main.ebab72c8.chunk.css",
  "main.js": "/react/static/js/main.e6406d5b.chunk.js",
  "": "/react/static/js/",
  "static/css/1.ae8ee9e3.chunk.css": "/react/static/css/1.ae8ee9e3.chunk.css",
  "static/js/1.0f883466.chunk.js": "/react/static/js/1.0f883466.chunk.js",
  "static/js/": "/react/static/js/",
  "runtime~main.js": "/react/static/js/runtime~main.bf2515a3.js",
  "": "/react/static/js/",
  "index.html": "/react/index.html"

When the runtime~main chunk doesn’t get created you don’t get a react page

The fix is to change the file file in the <create-react-app-project>/node_modules/react-scripts/config/

You need to change the runtimeChunk setting to false

After this change yarn build creates the files

I think some of the downside to this quick fix is the react-scripts will be overwritten when you make changes using yarn. So probably you should do a yarn eject and then edit the configuration files when eject copies them into your project giving you full control.


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