Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.6 (Tikanga) – Missing XML::DOM

Written by James McDonald

February 16, 2011

Some one commented in a post once that I shouldn’t use cpan shell to install Perl modules on a RPM managed system. So to get a round a recent missing XML::DOM module I did the following.

Download and install cpan2rpm from

rpm -Uvh cpan2rpm-2.028-1.noarch.rpm

cpan2rpm XML::DOM 
# this will fail with an error
# something like Missing Dep XML::RegExp
cpan2rpm XML::RegExp
# this will fail with an error
# error: You must set "%_gpg_name" in your macro file

# so install deps and use --no-sign option
cpan2rpm --no-sign XML::RegExp
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/perl-XML-RegExp-0.02-1.noarch.rpm
cpan2rpm --no-sign XML::DOM
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/perl-XML-DOM-1.44-1.noarch.rpm



    • admin

      Yes. I didn’t know about EPEL 🙂 Thanks for providing the enlightenment. Much appreciated

      Another reason I didn’t look for a Redhat repository was because of a deep and abiding distrust of mixing repositories. I seemed to run smack into the circular dependency nightmare when I ran Fedora Core 1 – 6 with multiple non-official repositories enabled. I presume that things are alot better now though.

      • Dan Young

        Indeed. I share your mistrust of third-party repos, which is part of why I am so enthused about EPEL, which is sort of semi-official (they are largely rebuilds of Fedora packages). At any rate, the quality of package included appears to be quite high, with an ethos of long-term support matching that of RHEL and it’s derivatives.


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