Written by James McDonald

June 19, 2011

Recently I’ve been divesting myself of mailing list memberships and commercial email subscriptions. Why? – Because every email that hit’s your inbox is a distraction.

With mailing lists, it’s usually a question which doesn’t become an answer until the end of the email thread, if ever.

Commercial Email Communications in general are written by Marketing People. Despite the glowing verbage of marketing emails, generally they don’t add value to your personal / working life. I just think that information deliberately written to hide flaws and accentuate positives is a waste of time.

If you have ever wondered why you have started having ADD like symptoms start with TV and then look at all you digital diversions: Web surfing, Email, Twitter, Mobile Phone, Facebook. After thinking about these things, is it any wonder that concentration abilities over time are approaching that shown by Gold Fish.

Anyway. I’m trying to do myself a favour and become a Digital Minimalist.

Of course I’m not saying that all diversions are bad. Sometimes you have had a hell of day and a few minutes spent looking at the news or Bookface can be a great stress reliever.

As with most things, balance is the key.

Now go outside and run around :).


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