Written by James McDonald

July 6, 2010

This post is another one of my memory jogger posts.

After posting this I stumbled upon, in the original sense, not the http://www.stumbleupon.com/ sense. A link to http://www.site5.com/hosting/ which seems to have a better approach to hosting than some other hosting companies in that it has normal cheap as chips shared hosting, but also some gauranteed uptime offerings featuring fully redundant site and email configurations.

At $20+USD a mo. yes you pay for it. But if you are doing eCommerce, and need the availability, then it’s worth it.

I also like the website which, from left to right goes from the lowend to highend offerings e.g. Web Hosting => Reseller Hosting => Virtual Servers => Dedicated Servers.

Another plus is their contact us section has an actual phone number. I don’t know if you get a human or a near turing-compliant recorded voice but a chance to speak to someone, anyone is always good.

Of course I haven’t used them and can’t vouch for them in terms of personal experience. So I’m just posting this in case I need their type of service in the future.

I work on the “I can’t recall. But I think I blogged about it” style of memory retension.


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