Returning DDMMYY in Bash or CMD.exe

Written by James McDonald

November 1, 2010

Anyone else have a better way on Windows. Let me know.

# bash scripting
MYDATE=`date +%d%m%y`
echo $MYDATE
# or all in one
echo $(date +%d%m%y)
rem Windows cmd.exe 
rem This gives you the correct format
rem offsets
rem 01234567890123
rem Mon 01/11/2010

set DAY=%DATE:~4,2%
echo Day %DAY%

set MON=%DATE:~7,2%
echo Month %MON%

set YY=%DATE:~12,2%
echo Year %YY%

echo Formatted (DDMMYY) %DAY%%MON%%YY%


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