seLinux – Mordac the Preventer of Information Services

Written by James McDonald

October 19, 2011

The Problem:
I was trying to do a mkdir using php in a cakephp file upload script and I got an error:

2011-10-18 21:55:48 Warning: Warning (2): mkdir()
[]: No such file or directory in
[/home/user/public_html/mapdb-dev/app_controller.php, line 57]

The Cause
Sigh if only I had a greater understanding of seLinux like the rocket scientists at NASA who designed it. Then I wouldn’t keep having these annoying errors.

Anyway seeing as it’s a part of the system and traditionally I just turned seLinux off (i.e. set SELINUXTYPE=disabled in /etc/selinux/config).

The Resolution
I will give selinux a chance to do it’s job and put the fix into place:

chcon -Rv --type=httpd_user_content_rw_t /home/user/public_html/mapdb-dev/webroot/

Redhat Page on SeLinux Audit2Allow


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