Written by James McDonald

August 27, 2019

Before we travelled this time around I bought a UK SIM with 12GB of data from https://www.simcorner.com/ which I used in Greece including the Ionian Islands, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK

It worked well and having data made travel so much easier and less stressful. I found I could not send MMS or dial Australia with this service but that wasn’t a problem (I used WhatsApp or Telegram for this).

Here is the travel hack that I wanted to share. After discovering that the SIM Corner SIM was a three.co.uk product I bought £15 refill at a local London convenience store and continued to use the SIM for another few weeks after the initial 30 days were up. Which meant I kept the same number 🙂

So for the future I will do this again. As a reasonably nervous traveller being able to find ones way through the back streets of Venice, or indeed all the places we went, using the SIM data and Google maps was a real comfort.

The biggest challenge on long travel days was to conserve battery for when you needed it.


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