Simple Invoices Email Setup for Windows 2003 Exchange Server

Written by James McDonald

October 17, 2011

Error: “Zend Mail Protocol Exception: is unsupported SSL type”
Solution: Comment out the option in $SIMPLE_INVOICES_ROOT/config/config.ini (see example below)

Error 2: Authentication Unsuccessful when trying to connect to Windows 2003 Exchange Server
Solution: Specify DOMAIN\username for format of SMTP email user. Where domain is your NetBIOS domain name and username is your windows login username. 	 		 =
email.smtp_auth			 = true
email.username			 = DOMAIN\username
email.password 			 = "mypassword"
email.smtpport			 = 25
;       	    	 = 
email.ack 			 = false


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