Written by James McDonald

June 7, 2020

I’ve been stuck at home for a few months now due to COVID-19 isolation.

My wife comments regularly on how hunching over my Macbook Pro all day gives me much spine curvature. “Bad posture”, “Terrible posture” etc.

So I have  a solution which will bring my head up to a level where I can sit with better posture

It involved a visit to to my local MSY Computer Parts store and the purchase of all the parts to build myself a PC, which I haven’t done in many years

It was a pleasant experience getting all the bits. The guy in the face mask behind the counter translated my requests into suitable parts.

With the following vague requirements:

  • I code
  • I’m using it for business
  • I don’t game (no need for cutting edge CPU or expensive cooling options)
  • I want a CPU around the 300$ AUD mark (AMD Ryzen 5 3600)
  • I use a number of virtual machines (32GB RAM)
  • I wanted a 1TB primary SSD & 6TB of slower storage
  • Need Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

I got the following parts

Which ended up being installed on an Ikea flatpack desk and a Brateck BT-LDT02-C024 Dual LCD Monitor Flexi Arm Table Stand w/Arm Desk Clamp


The Inspiration

To be honest I got the bug because I saw a PC build on Youtube

My previous self-built PC had wires running in all directions but this video helped me to take a little extra time to do some cable management. The end results you can see in the pictures of the front and back of the case.

For information on running Fedora 32 with this configuration see the post https://toggen.com.au/blog/it-tips/fedora-32-on-amd-pc


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