Written by James McDonald

April 8, 2011

I have an Android based HTC Desire Phone. I use it to read the news in the mornings after waking up.

One of the frustrations I have found is trying to read web pages that are designed for people with 19″ to 24″ monitors on the tiny Android screen. I appreciate when a website has a mobile version available.

I wanted to make The Telarah Times mobile enabled too.

So to that end I installed a WP Mobile plugin as follows:

In WordPress admin panel goto Plugins ==> Add new.
Search for “WordPress Mobile Edition plugin”
Wordpress Mobile Edition should be the top result click “Install Now”
This is where I ran into problems I got “WP Mobile is incorrectly installed. Please check the README.”
For some reason I had trouble comprehending the README. The irony is that if you follow exactly what it says it works.

If you already have the Carrington Mobile Theme installed delete it as it’s not needed (i.e. wp-content/themes/carrington-moble). You will be using the Carrington Mobile theme that comes in the “WordPress Mobile Edition” plugin.

Assuming you have shell access you would do the following commands:

# what they are saying in the README
# 1. Drop the wp-mobile.php file in your wp-content/plugins directory

# what they mean
# go into the wordpress-mobile-edition folder
cd wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition

# copy the wp-mobile.php file from 
# wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition into wp-content/plugins 
# as per README
cp wp-mobile.php ../ 

# The README says
# 2. Drop the carrington-mobile-(version #) 
# directory in your wp-content/themes directory

# they mean
# move the carrington-mobile-1.0.2 folder to
# the wp-content/themes folder
mv carrington-mobile-1.0.2/ ../../themes/

3. Click the ‘Activate’ link for WordPress Mobile Edition on your Plugins page (in the WordPress admin interface)


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