Written by James McDonald

August 21, 2012

Some notes regarding a Brian Tracy Series of Videos http://youtu.be/RILoZ0Vx4Xc
Feelings of:
  1. Doubt & Fear
  2. Guilt & Unworthiness
  3. Inferiority & Undeservingness

Emotional habits are learned. We can unlearn bad emotions.

Law of Cause and Effect.

Find someone who has achieved the effect you want. Study what they did and then repeat it.

Law of Belief

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes reality.

Belief means you will deliberately ignore things that don’t fit with your beliefs.

Problem is if you have irrational / incorrect / damaging / beliefs…

Problem: Self limiting beliefs

Winners recall their previous success experiences.

Non-winners recall their previous failures.

Law of Correspondence

As within, so without


You become what you think about most of the time.

Change your thinking, change your life.

Self concept

Each of us unique, individual

Self concept for different areas of life

Money Self concept: 10% above or below

Earn more: Throw-away behaviours.

Earn less: Scrambling behaviours to get income back up.

The great enemy of human success is the comfort zone.

Overall Self Concept

  1. Self ideal: Values, Ideals, Hopes, Dream (clearer the better)
  2. Self Image – Inner mirror
  3. Self Esteem. Emotional part of personality. “The energy source”. How much you like yourself.

Act consistent with  self concept self esteem goes up.

Say “I like myself.”

Self efficacy feeds self esteem.

Cognitive dissonance can occur when you say “I like myself” because it conflicts with our negative self image (garbage).


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