Written by James McDonald

February 5, 2011

Just used unetbootin to copy a Ubuntu 10.10 x64 image to a 2GB STORE N GO USB Key making a bootable USB Key

On reboot and selecting the USB Key from the BIOS Boot Menu (available by pressing ESC when rebooting)

I get:
“Boot Error”

Tried re-installing the ISO using FAT32 instead of FAT no fix
Then tried going into the BIOS and found that the USB boot option said Auto
The manual choices in the BIOS for booting USB Devices were:

  • boot it like a Floppy
  • Boot it like a HDD.

I selected the HDD option in the BIOS and saved the change.

Rebooted and pressed ESC to get the BIOS boot menu and then chose the USB key.

It worked!!!


  1. Marco Macareno

    Thanks a lot for this, really. I had been working like mad, I reformatted my usb drive about 15 times seriously. And I read this and it all worked, so thanks! 🙂

  2. James

    Excellent. Glad it helped. I too got caught in a head scratching. Re-install Loop.

  3. Sven Schröder

    Hey! Thank you for this advice. Took me really long to figure out what i’m doing wrong there 🙂
    Greetings from Germany



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