UNetBootIn – Create a bootable USB Key from a Linux Distribution CD/DVD ISO File

Written by James McDonald

January 28, 2011

Go here and download the Windows and / or Linux UNetBootIn uitility.

You then launch the UNetbootin executeable and select your options and away you go.

Using an ISO CD/DVD image of whichever distribution you want to use (in this case I’m using CentOS 5.5 x64) you create a bootable USB key with all the special sauce required.

My CentOS DVD ISO is approx 4GB. It takes UNetbootin a while to prepare and copy the files to the USB key (approx 1/2 hour).

Problem – USB Key too small to receive DVD Image:
So here is where I ran into a brick wall. I had a 4GB USB key and the CentOS Install was slightly bigger grrrr.

The work around:
On the CentOS DVD is a folder \images which contains a boot.iso file. So instead of copying the entire CentOS 5.5 DVD ISO Image to the USB Key make a Bootable net installation USB Key

Use UNetbootin to copy \images\boot.iso to the USB Key and create a net install Bootable USB Key … Then Copy the Entire DVD to a webserver on the local network.

Run the install accross the network.

Using only the


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