Upgrade your network it will save you time!

Written by James McDonald

October 10, 2011

Today I fired up VMWare convertor to move a 60GB Virtual Machine running as a guest on VMWare Server 2.0 on my workstation accross to a VMWare ESXi server.

I kicked the process off and it guestimated the time to completion as 8hrs and 44 minutes.

Hmmm… Then after watching the progress bar grudgingly linger on 1% for ages I asked Why?

Checking my network connection on the workstation I found I was on a Cisco Catalyst Switch which is capable of 100mbps

So I killed the VMWare Convertor process and went and repatched my workstation into the newer Cisco Gigabit Switch.

Starting VMWare convertor again and this time it was claiming it would take circa 1hr and 40minutes.

It’s still slow but at least it completed before the day was out.

Seems like I should be looking at upgrading all my switches to 1gbps ones.


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