Use Zoho to Host a Custom Email Domain for Free

Written by James McDonald

April 22, 2015

I have a friend that sells bridal hair pieces I was hosting email for her and then using postfix to authenticate with and then mailgun forwarded the email for her shop and info aliases to her account

Just recently I found that the emails forwarded to and weren’t arriving. This was despite being accepted and forwarded by mailgun. Apparently / black hole valid email.

So to move away from that setup. I looked for “custom domain email hosting” and discovered zoho has a free service. But get this a free service with 10 email accounts and 5GB of space…

The setup was so simple, and what I mean by that, is that it is simple if you already understand how to add SPF, domainkeys and MX records to your particular flavour of DNS.

It took 15-20 mins from go to woe.

The Zoho management interface is intuitive and the webmail interface reminds me of roundcube on steroids. And it will interface nicely with your mobile device including contacts and calendar.

Anyway a +1 vote for Zoho

Makes me think that if I have to pay for a business service then Zoho would be high on my list of options.


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