Written by James McDonald

January 18, 2013

It’s Friday night and I’ve just finished 5 days of VMWare vSphere training.

I haven’t done too many instructor lead training sessions during my years in IT. Most of the time it’s been home and self study followed by certification exams.

But I must say I was pleasantly suprised by the VMWare product and the training.

There are so many questions that you get while you are in IT. How do I maintain high 9s availability? How can I make the most of the hardware I have without wasting it?

These questions all have an answer in the VMWare product and to be fair I’m sure the other virtualization products can do most of the same things but the grandaddy of them is VMWare.

Learning from an experienced Instructor was good but sometimes you feel you want to dwell on areas that you aren’t strong in and cruise through the familiar.

I found the course felt like I wasn’t learning much to begin with but it built from day one into areas that I hadn’t even known that VMWare covered. So I don’t feel like I did a course that was too basic.

The labs (which consisted of virtualized vSphere installs) were very helpful and well planned out.

In end I would recommend going on a VMWare vSphere ICM course.




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