Written by James McDonald

May 17, 2023


VS Code on Ubuntu 22.04 VM exits with “killed code 9”

journalctl | grep -i oom
May 17 12:58:03 tgn-vm-ln-02 kernel: Out of memory: Killed process 43215 (code) total-vm:1186602700kB, anon-rss:189300kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:36296kB, UID:1000 pgtables:1412kB oom_score_adj:300
May 17 12:58:03 tgn-vm-ln-02 systemd[1]: [email protected]: A process of this unit has been killed by the OOM killer.
May 17 12:58:03 tgn-vm-ln-02 systemd[1527]: app-gnome-code-43150.scope: A process of this unit has been killed by the OOM killer.


Ubuntu VM has no Swap Space


Add swap space



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