What to do with all those “Spare” Ethernet Ports on my Servers

Written by James McDonald

June 4, 2012

For the last couple of years I’ve been scratching my head wondering why each server delivered had 2+ ethernet ports… and what to do with them.

Apparently VMWare supports Etherchannel so instead of having idle Ethernet Ports I should be able to do EtherChannel…

One of the many things one needs to learn to stay current in IT.


  1. cwraig

    There is something a bit strange with this post.
    The link from RSS went to the vmware page.

    If you click the title to this post on https://toggen.com.au/ it goes to vmware too.

    This Ethernchannel is great stuff because you can add or subtract them on the fly.

    I used this and some other esx networking magic to create a Windows VM that was forced to pass all its traffic through a dummynet to simulate a terrible 3g network connection.
    Something like http://codefromthe70s.org/dummynet.aspx

    • admin

      Right you are. This new theme has the option to post external links which is denoted by the right facing after the post title.

      Seeing as a large number of my posts are thoughts based on external websites I thought I would have a play with the feature. Bit confusing because generally when you click on a post you just go to the single article view.


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