Written by James McDonald

November 17, 2017

Recently I rebadged my IT Business as Toggen after trading as “James McDonald IT Services” or JMITS for short.

It took a long time to find a name that wasn’t being used, and also had some resonance for me personally.

So why Toggen?

After wracking my brain for a couple of weeks I still couldn’t find a name. I had been looking at all sorts of words on my mac by running cat /usr/share/dict/words | less and perusing the 235,886 different options. But as I checked each possible name choice against pre-existing business and domain names I found all the cool names taken.

I then went through a phase of trying weird combinations of words, letters and trying to build an acronym that made an entirely new word. It was fail.

Noticing that there are so many business names with Tech, Tek, Tec in the title, and that there tends to a multitude of aaa names. I  tired of it all because I just couldn’t settle on something I liked.

This is where my wife got involved. I had been making her suffer with “what do you think of…” questions. After hearing so many options which we both didn’t jell with, she solved the problem, as I recall, with a conversation similar to the following.

My wife asked “What is your favourite animal?” I replied “Goats” (My parents had a Dairy Goat stud while I was growing up). We decided that Goat Technology wasn’t a real option. Then she asked “What type of Goat did you like the most?”. I answered that we had Saanans, Toggenburgs, British Alpine and some Anglo-Nubians but my favourite was Toggenburgs.

So after some deliberation, mulling the possibilities this gave birth to the business name Toggen. Along with a non-taken domain name.

So yay.



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