Wine Fonts are all Squares in Fedora 12

Written by James McDonald

November 20, 2009

I recently installed my first Wine application in Fedora 12. This was the result:


The fix:
Download spec file from
(don’t use the default corefonts spec file. This spec file has been modded to get around a no-longer-needed dependency on chkfontpath)

Install Pre-requisites and follow instructions at but use the above spec file.

yum install rpm-build
yum install cabextract
yum install ttmkfdir
yum install wget

Enable Wine Font Smoothing (you need to do this or the font’s will be chunky and ugly)

Look for the English version of the wine font smoothing script at the bottom of the above mentioned page.

I also received an SELinux error “SELinux has prevented wine from performing an unsafe memory operation.” when installing the application but this did not prevent it from installing so I left it alone. However it seems I have to try and start the application twice before it will launch but not sure of a fix on this as yet.

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  1. Max

    Thanks! I ran into the same problem on LInux Mint 12, with the exact same program as you 🙂

    Downloaded a version of msttcorefonts installer for debian from (which is reported older than what comes pre-installed with Mint), and it works.

    Unfortunately, font anti-aliasing doesn’t seem to be working, but that’s not that important.


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