Word for Mac 2016 Label Merge Work-a-round

Written by James McDonald

January 25, 2018

I have been trying to create labels with a mail merge in Microsoft Word for Mac 2016

After much frustration (a colossal waste of time) with trying to get it working using the recommended merge field options:

{ INCLUDEPICTURE "{ MERGEFIELD ImagePathAndFileName }" /d }

I ended up giving up.

The fix which allowed me to do the merge successfully was a Linux based application named gLabels. I have used it before and have found it simple but effective.

  1. Install Fedora 26 in a VM
  2. Install and run gLabels
  3. From the File menu select new
  4. In the select product dialog click the custom tab
  5. Click the add button on the custom tab to create a custom template using template designer wizard
  6. Once the wizard is complete you will be left with a single label on the screen ready to add merge fields to
  7. Create a CSV file with headings describing each column of information and load it using the Object => Merge properties button

See some screenshots I have taken


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