Written by James McDonald

May 21, 2014

Just trying to help a friend get WordPress running on Domain Central

The one click install of WordPress they provided was many versions behind so I deleted it and attempted to upload 3.9.1 and did the install.

And then ran straight into a brick wall:


Domain central is running mysql 4 which is too old for the latest version of WordPress.



  1. Diana Paton

    Thanks for this comment. I tried to upload a WordPress site at DomainCentral about 18 months ago, but they were unable to run a responsive WordPress theme back then. Thought I do a quick search to see if they had updated their systems. It seems not! They will loose a lot of business. I have my domains with them, so I would prefer to host at the same place. But quite clearly I can’t!

    • Nicole

      Did you end up getting WordPress to work on DomainCentral?


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