www.smh.com.au redirects to m.smh.com.au when using Chromium on Ubuntu Linux

Written by James McDonald

October 15, 2010

Looks as if smh’s (Sydney Morning Herald’s) browser user-agent detection code is not correctly identifying the “Chromium 6.0.472.63 (59945) Ubuntu 10.10” browser.

Instead of giving you www.smh.com.au it redirects to m.smh.com.au I posted a work-a-round over at whirlpool.net.au. Which I am repeating on my personal blog here.

I tried installing a user-agent switcher but that didn’t work (I’m assuming because it was developed for Google Chrome and not the `Chromium’ browser we have on Ubuntu / Linux) , so plan B was to use the command line to switch the user agent

Click Applications ==> Accessories ==> Terminal and type:

 chromium-browser --user-agent="myspecial/browswer"

Once you have run Chromium from the command prompt you can see the change to the user-agent string by going here https://toggen.com.au/proxy_check.php. This is basically a script that echo’s back to the browser the parameters it is passing to the remote web server.


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