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Written by James McDonald

July 2, 2010

Besides wasting copious amounts of time, which could be better spent communicating with your family. YouTube can also be a fantastic training resource. Tor example despite me being red/green colour blind I still occassionally want to edit images and the Open Source Tool to do that with is the GIMP.

So doing a search on Gimp Tutorials on YouTube gives you a plethora of different information and techniques to try.

Which made me think what else is available on the giant cultural Hoover that is YouTube.

Maybe you want to do some vector graphics editing with Inkscape.

Or use my favourite 2D CAD package QCAD

Desktop Publishing? Try a Scribus Tutorial

There are even some pretty cool Linux vs Windows comparisons. 6.2 million people may or maynot agree with me.

With the arrival of the information age, one of the problems we may face is filtering and sifting the huge amount of information that is available to to us, and then discerning what is of value and what isn’t. Turning to YouTube for tutorials, likewise involves an element of sifting. But in general, just like best selling books, the more people that watch a video the better the quality (or entertainment value) of the video.

YMMV but video sites can be a good place to look for tutorials and comparisons of Open Source Software.


  1. cwraig

    This guy seems to be making videos on a huge range of subjects with the open source like ideals.

    Just scroll down on the main page to see the epic list.

  2. james

    Thanks for this cwraig.

    Always interested in learning resources!


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