Q: How long does a Gmail to GSuite Email Migration Take?

A: A very very long time. 5+ GB can take over a week

Just moving 2.45GB of my email out of a free Google Apps account with a custom domain to a new G Suite account and 5.56GB of email from my wifes account. The Google Apps accounts were the free ones that you could add a custom domain to.

It’s 8 in the morning and I started the migrations yesterday afternoon around 3PM so very roughly in 17 hours it has completed 29% of mine and 25% of my wifes migration.

That means that the performance is 40MB per hour for mine and 80MB per hour for my wifes mail box.

So it seems like a multi day process to migrate multi-gigabyte mail accounts from gmail to g suite.

So after 39 hours we are at the following stage 48% of 2.45GB and 55% of 5.56GB

( 2.45 \times .48 ) / 39 = \text{30MB per hour}

What has suprised me is that the gmail to gsuite migration is done at “full speed” so you just have to wait it out.

Another example of a 5GB+ mail box has taken many days…. so if you have gigs of mail plan for a week or so