How long does a Gmail to Gsuite Email Migration Take?

Written by James McDonald

August 3, 2017

Q: How long does a Gmail to GSuite Email Migration Take?

A: A very very long time. 5+ GB can take over a week

Just moving 2.45GB of my email out of a free Google Apps account with a custom domain to a new G Suite account and 5.56GB of email from my wifes account. The Google Apps accounts were the free ones that you could add a custom domain to.

It’s 8 in the morning and I started the migrations yesterday afternoon around 3PM so very roughly in 17 hours it has completed 29% of mine and 25% of my wifes migration.

That means that the performance is 40MB per hour for mine and 80MB per hour for my wifes mail box.

So it seems like a multi day process to migrate multi-gigabyte mail accounts from gmail to g suite.

So after 39 hours we are at the following stage 48% of 2.45GB and 55% of 5.56GB

$latex ( 2.45 \times .48 ) / 39 = \text{30MB per hour}$

What has suprised me is that the gmail to gsuite migration is done at “full speed” so you just have to wait it out.

Another example of a 5GB+ mail box has taken many days…. so if you have gigs of mail plan for a week or so


  1. Simon

    I have just 1 mailbox currently migrating – gmail to gsuite. The migration started on 13 November and it is currently showing 36% completed.

    So this could easily take another 2 weeks!

    Mailbox size is 98GB

    • James

      Thanks for adding your comment. It’s very interesting how long it takes. I’m assuming that there is a lot of validation going on and from my experience the transfer didn’t miss many emails

  2. Jen

    Thank you for this! I’ve been thinking my migration was stalled for some reason, but it’s just inching along (6GB to move, ack!) Question – does it do the contacts at the same time? Or is that a separate move?

    • James

      Hi Jen,

      I can’t remember if the contacts are automatically brought across. But I think I may have simply exported them to a csv and then re-imported them. Which is quick and mostly hassle free.

      If you end up with duplicates Google Mails merge duplicate functionality works well.


      • Jen

        That’s what I ended up doing, it was pretty easy. My email import is going at a snail’s pace though. 6GB, started last Friday afternoon, it’s at 56% (only moved about 10% Mon-Friday) I just did your little calculation and mine is averaging 0.02MB per hour…? This is going to take WEEKS! ha


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