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Knocking on 40's door. It's time to make sure I'm not going to conk out and become a couch surfing TV viewer when I get beyond 50.      

The 5th Anniversary

They really made her... Perfect. I know. Just had a wonderful anniversary weekend with my Beautiful Wife: Friday Night: Anniversary Dinner at the This is where we had our reception 5 yrs ago. Saturday Night: Chris Isaak concert at...

Wonk — When you have to KNOW

A little while ago I was watching an episode of Covert Affairs and it used the term `Wonk'. I had heard the term "Policy Wonk" before in relation to someone employed as a political adviser that had a vast general knowledge of just about everything related to politics...

My Comment Policy

Do's Don'ts General guidance regarding comments It should have content that displays a good knowledge of the post it is attached to. e.g. "I loved this post especially the part where you mentioned that the best approach is placing some sort of barrier between you and...

Power outage for a day

Today 7 Jan 2009 we have an all day power outage starting at 8:30AM. Seeing as this webserver sits under my desk at home and the UPS is a tiny one that means that we are going offline for the duration of the outage. Be back at about 4:00PM


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