Husband Creche—How to take your husband shopping… sort of

Written by James McDonald

January 2, 2010

Here is a tip for the ladies…

Your husband, if he is typical of husbands, would probably prefer to be neutered than to spend a whole day shopping. This is not his fault—it’s genetics.

What to do?

Take him to the Shopping Centre, but put him in a ‘Husband Creche’. For my Wife and I, this is Border’s Book Store. It has a Coffee shop, comfortable chairs and plenty of stuff to keep a husband(me) amused while the wife is involved in the serious business of shopping.

If I am required she know’s where to find me, and I am not prone to be underfoot at every womens-ware store in the complex.

Sigh… We are both happy.

Spread the word. For marital bliss use a Husband Creche.

1 Comment

  1. Lisa McDonald

    Tee hee….it really does work though…:)


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