Written by James McDonald

July 14, 2008

OK this will be of virtually no interest to the world community. I put it here simply for posterity and to answer the “When did chicken X start laying?” question.

I think we now have two chooks laying. The new egg is on the right.

My lovely wife found an egg in the left hand laying box. The current layer only lays in the right hand box.

The laying box where we found the egg has white feathers so we think our White Leghorn/New Hampshire cross has laid her first egg. For the record it was 49grams.

Also yesterday, Sunday, we had our 2 Isa Brown chicks in a cage inside the chicken run to try and acclimatise the chicks for life outdoors. The 3 older chooks can’t be at all trusted with them. Every chance they get they try and peck through the mesh at the chicks. So until they are much older we are practicing Chicken Apartheid.

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  1. Mumsky

    This is real exciting. We both like the ‘chicken apartheid’ bit.


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