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Reality Chicken Show

Just found Celebrity chickens with rock and roll hair styles living their privileged lives in a palacial multi-level abode. Multi-species drama including a rabbit and a goat. Check it out.

Chookette – Layer of small eggs

Our newly acquired Silkie has layed two eggs. They are quite small and cute. Another dozen eggs and there will be enough for an omellete. We also have a Pekin chook and she and the Silkie keep each other company and provide moral support for each other due to being at...

Isa Browns Laying!!

A while ago we got some week-old chicks from a pre-school. We have divided our pen in half and kept them segregated from our older birds so we could feed them Pullet Grower mix without them being molested by the adults. However this morning I went into their area and...

Polly – The Layer of Eggs

Our White Leghorn / New Hampshire Cross chook known as Polly has finally started laying. Which has taken a month or so longer than the Rhode Island / New Hampshire crosses took to begin laying. She laid her first egg last Friday (15/Aug/08) and the 2nd one came today....

Automatic Drinker

If you are interested in creating an automatic drinker without spending 10-20 dollars on a bought one you can make a drinker out of a plastic tub and a drink bottle you will need to drill holes in the drink bottle to let the water out to the right height and then just...


We have been slowly refining our Chook Pen and Coop. The first thing we found is the girls didn't like how exposed the nesting boxes felt and weren't using them. So we stapled a privacy curtain to front and put small cutouts in them to allow them to enter. They now...

Double Yoker

On Tuesday (5 Aug 08) we had our first double yoked egg layed. It was 89 grams. The average egg we get at the moment from our young chooks is about 54-59 grams. It tasted really nice:

I am chicken hear me roar

OK this will be of virtually no interest to the world community. I put it here simply for posterity and to answer the "When did chicken X start laying?" question. I think we now have two chooks laying. The new egg is on the right. My lovely wife found an egg in the...


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