I counted my chickens, I have four of them

Written by James McDonald

April 11, 2008

OK after much work I have created a chicken coop and run and today we got delivery of four lovely ladies to inhabit them.

They are “Layer Pullets” so they are about 6 weeks away from laying eggs.

I got them through Brian Larkin Poultry ((02) 4681 9722) who sells them off the back of his truck when he visits Kirkwood’s Rutherford every month (a local stock feed supplier (02) 4932 8711). When you buy them Brian gives you an information sheet on how to care for and feed them properly.

The Girls


  1. Gab

    Hawks and foxes are a real threat in this area.

    When we had chickens we lost them to Hawks (manly the small ones) and the foxes took them as well

  2. James

    OK then I’m going home to dig a some mesh in around the pen and make sure the girls are safe.


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