Laying a Tile Screed Bed

When you do bathrooms you need to create fall to the floor wastes. This video from DTA shows how to mix and lay a screed. It doesn't show how to create fall or how deep the tile screed bed should be. I use tiling products from Jacoba tiles. You can go to Ceramic Tile...

Reality Chicken Show

Just found Celebrity chickens with rock and roll hair styles living their privileged lives in a palacial multi-level abode. Multi-species drama including a rabbit and a goat. Check it out.

Flatpack is Mecanno for Adults

My wife and I are so sick of not having any storage space we have decided to put new wardrobes in both the front bedrooms. Now all I have to do is assemble the mecanno set. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Chookette – Layer of small eggs

Our newly acquired Silkie has layed two eggs. They are quite small and cute. Another dozen eggs and there will be enough for an omellete. We also have a Pekin chook and she and the Silkie keep each other company and provide moral support for each other due to being at...

Roof Restoration

Our humble timber cottage has an old tin roof. We can't afford to get it replaced at the moment but have gotten it pressure washed and painted in Shale Grey Colour. So now we are waiting for Google Maps to update it's...

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