Home Sales and the Role of the Interior Designer

Written by James McDonald

September 7, 2016

Just recently I’ve become mildly addicted to shows like Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper and Masters of Flip of these I think I like Masters of Flip the most. The interplay of the husband and wife as they try and renovate a home and on-sell it is very entertaining, and the entire process, from demolition day through to the eventual sale is, I find fascinating.

Recently the neighbouring unit to ours has been going through a major renovation with the intent to sell, and it reminded me of the importance of all the different areas I see on the aforementioned shows. But one area that is really critical to an eventual successful sale is that of Interior Design. Unless the original vision and execution is just right then the eventual sale and sale price can be compromised.

One thing I’ve learnt also is that House Staging – the process of furnishing a home for sale, can be an important part of an Interior Designers role. People need to be able to envisage what the rooms will look like when furnished, and having realistic furniture and ornamentation in place while people do a walk through allows that to happen.

I find it interesting that although the people doing the shows tend to have good basic design ideas, they still engage the services of a colour consultant, and an Interior Designer to make the idea live.

The cross over between this blog which focuses on Information Technology and this post is that I have recently been doing some work for Juliana L Martin who works in interior design in Newcastle Australia

Sadly I find there just isn’t time in life to become an expert in every area and when it comes to making a attractive and liveable home or office space sometimes you should just call a person who has experience and understanding in that area.


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