Our Chickens discover there’s no place like home

Written by James McDonald

May 27, 2008

We had a bit of an episode today. Lisa (my wife) decided she was going to mow the lawn and as she went past the chicken coop they (3 chooks) freaked out and flew over the 6′ high fence into our and the neighbours backyards.

Lisa had to climb the fence and grab one back from some little dogs, who felt rightly that their territory had been encroached apon. The poor girl is OK but a little bloody. The other one flew into the neighbours pool enclosure… and thankfully a guy came and said it was there, so Lisa went and got it.

All 4 of our ladies now have had their wings clipped, and we are now going to lock them in the Coop when the lawn is mowed.

We have two types of cross breeds:

  1. Rhode Island Red/New Hampshire
  2. White Leghorn/New Hampshire

The Rhode Island/New Hampshire crosses seem to be fairly placid and not prone to flight. However the White Leghorn/New Hampshire crosses are quite nervous, they tend to try and escape when they get scared. They also seem to be a bit lighter so flight is easier for them.

The problem is when one chook goes berserk the rest seem to follow suit so keeping them all calm is a good idea.


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