Written by James McDonald

October 17, 2008

A while ago we got some week-old chicks from a pre-school. We have divided our pen in half and kept them segregated from our older birds so we could feed them Pullet Grower mix without them being molested by the adults. However this morning I went into their area and discovered they had layed 2 eggs. The eggs are about 36 & 40 grams.

The Isa Browns

The Isa Browns

So yay to the new egg layer/s. We still haven’t confirmed if it’s one pullet laying or both.

Also I found a rather good website with some tips on keeping Isa Browns, however it doesn’t seem to like Firefox and only displays in IE. (A work-a-round for Firefox is load the page and then save it to your local disk and open it from there, and then you can see the info.)

This girl is a layer

This girl is a layer


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