Brick Piers, Antcaps and Termite Proof Silicone

Written by James McDonald

January 27, 2010

My Wife and I are putting an extension on our Weatherboard House. The extension is supported by 350x350mm brick piers with Gal Threaded rod running up through the centre of the piers to hold down the bearers. This setup requires a penetration through the Ant-cap (see image below). In the old days you would close the hole using solder. However these days there is a product named Termite Proof Silicone.

I was looking for Termite Proof Silicone and couldn’t source it from two of my local Hardware Stores. It turns out that it is available at Saddingtons.

While researching for the piers I found a fantastic brick laying resource (which is no longer online) at the time of this post they are in the process of moving most of their content to a wiki.

I was interested in creating Piers and setting up profiles. has many photos making the concepts very easy to understand.

If you are an Owner-builder these types of resources are invaluable.



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