Trailers for Linux

Written by James McDonald

June 4, 2010

Just installed Fedora 13 and was getting a “Get QuickTime” prompt when trying to view trailers at

The Fix:

yum install gecko-mediaplayer mozilla-vlc

Works with Firefox.

Google Chrome, although it looks at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins doesn’t pickup and use the Gecko MPlayer plugins for some reason.

Update: Google Chrome (version 5.0.375.55) Seems to work for me now… Here is my plugin list I have added VLC recently and it’s seems to be using Totem. But the video controls don’t show when you do a mouseover on the lower part of the video screen.

Google Chrome Totem Plugin that mostly works for

List of all plugins in Google Chrome…

On my machine which is an old P4 I have to adjust the audio volume down a little in order for the sound to start playing. I also have to right click in an area of the screen to start displaying the video.

My current F13 plugins list:

ls /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
Google Chrome Trailers Missing Video Controls

Google Chrome Trailers Missing Video Controls

Mozilla Firefox Trailers Show Video Controls

Mozilla Firefox Trailers Show Video Controls

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  1. JJ

    Same here, I can actually watch the video in firefox (3.6, mandriva 2010, gecko media player, but chrome doesn’t show the controls, nor does it play, even though the about:plugins are there (chrome 11). Stumped.


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