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Written by James McDonald

May 31, 2010

So tonight my better, no I mean much better half, goes to log into facebook and it prompts her to register her computer. Huh? Seeing as you can pretty much individually identify a computer simply by examining the default information that the browser passes over when you connect. I would say this wonderful new feature is yet again another Facebook privacy debacle.

Anyway a while ago I de-activated my Facebook account… and have become concerned that de-activating the account doesn’t actually delete the content… Meaning FB is doing who knows what with my pictures of LOL Catz.

So I Googled and attempted to delete it last night…

But don’t you know Facebooks version of delete, doesn’t actually mean delete, it means we’ll give you a 14 day cooling off period and if you accidentally login to your Facebook account, say for example on another computer which has your FB username and password cached (it’s easy to do), it get’s re-activated. Nice huh!

So as soon as Facebook starts offering an online backup service I’m going to apply for it, because you know with Facebook, even when you want to delete something it will be nigh on impossible to make it happen… Exactly what you want from a backup service.

Viv-la Social Media!

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