Written by James McDonald

August 21, 2010

I have for several months been giving Fedora 13 a go as my primary OS.

Fedora is what it is— A beta release for a product that will be rebadged and released when it’s finished.

As a distribution it’s not really playing in the same league as Ubuntu. The polish and completeness come when it becomes Redhat Enterprise version x.x. and at the same time it becomes… boring.

Ubuntu, despite it coming on the scene later than Fedora has pulled along side and has since surpassed Fedora.

I still think the system-config-foo style of admin tools are a great feature of the Redhatian distros and if you want to easily create an IPSec connection using the GUI then Fedora / RH has a great tool for that.

But in myriad other areas it feels clunky.

The Debian base of Ubuntu provides a richer software package ecosystem.

But that’s not always been the case. Remember when you went searching for Linux packages 5 or more years ago. The package maintainers had usually packaged up an RPM for RHx-9/Fedora and the rest of us could get the source and compile (or hope that the distro had a package for it)?

Now-a-days Ubuntu is the desktop distro of choice and this is reflected by the availability of a Ubuntu deb package as a first option on a lot of the open source program pages.

As proof of my point type in any error you get on your non-Ubuntu Linux Distro into Google and what is the predominant forum or site flavour returned in the results?

So in moving back to Ubuntu… I’m immediately more comfortable using my system again… Same features (let’s face it the different Distributions repackage all the same basic components [kernel,gnome,oo]), more polish, less time Googling to resolve technical glitches (except to transfer the Restore,Minimize,Close buttons back to the right side).

So Yay Ubuntu.

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  1. Cae

    And you never tried Debian?!

    Sigh….. 🙂


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