Bluefish for Windows

Written by James McDonald

August 17, 2010

Attempting to install Bluefish on Windows XP Pro SP3

I went here

Which sent me to here

Which gave me a download link here

So far so good…

Ran Bluefish-2.0.0-1-setup.exe

Which did the following:

Bluefish v2.0.0-1 Setup

Downloading gtk-runtime-2.14.7-rev.a.exe

GTK+ Download failed: download incomplete…

It appears is inaccessible at the moment. So…

Searched for gtk-runtime-2.14.7-rev.a.exe and downloaded it and installed separately

Then re-ran Bluefish-2.0.0-1-setup.exe and it works.

I must say the upgrade of Bluefish for Windows from 1.x to 2 is well worth it! Excellent improvements in Syntax highlighting, Auto complete and general useability


  1. pubi

    thx for this post… works well for me too…

  2. shivani

    it was really helpful

    thank you


  3. Filjun

    Very helpful and it works. Thanks a lot!


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