Cannot sniff WakeMeOnLan.exe WOL Packets with Wireshark

Written by James McDonald

January 13, 2022

I am using a Windows 10 PC on my LAN that I am trying to send a WOL magic packet using WakeMeOnLan.exe . I wanted to check with Wireshark whether the packets were being sent but using a capture filter or wol on the correct interface returned nothing

The problem

WakeMeOnLan sends non-standard WOL packets. Normally a WOL packet should be UDP port 9 but the WakeMeOnLAN packets are shown in the capture as

Protocol : “? KNXnet/IP”

Info: “? Unknown Service Family.”

WakeMeOnLAN is sending a UDP packet to port 40000

Working Capture Filters with WakeMeOnLAN defaults

Capture broadcasts to ethernet

eth.addr == ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

Capture packets sent to the specific device using its MAC Address

eth.addr == 00:11:33:43:96:9F

To get Wireshark to see WOL Protocol change to port 9

In the WakeMeOnLAN gui, right click on a device and choose “Change wake up settings for the selected items” enter port 9

Wireshark then displays the packet as WOL

WakeMeOnLAN Command line

# wakemeonlan.exe /wakeup <ETHERNET_MAC_ADDRESS>
wakemeonlan.exe /wakeup  00:11:33:42:9B:9E


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