Convert your MySQL schema to a Dia Diagram

Written by James McDonald

April 25, 2013

Do this Creating DIA diagrams from mysql via XSLT


(echo "<root>";
mysql --user=root -p -A -D maps \
-e 'desc assigned_tos  ; \
desc map_histories; \
desc map_types; \
desc maps' -X |\
grep -v "<?xml" ;\
echo "</root>") > /tmp/tmp.xml
xsltproc sql2dia.xsl /tmp/tmp.xml |\
  gzip -c > file.dia

In 2013 the original post still works fine:

I added relationships and got this diagram:


Incidentally the naming conventions for the schema above comes from the CakePHP Database Conventions. I’ve always found it challenging to have sensible database table and field conventions but CakePHP has a good method of naming its Database Schema which makes sense to me.



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