Written by James McDonald

January 25, 2012

Keep getting asked “Where can I build a site on the internet” preferably for free or low cost

OK so here are some links to templated DIY site building websites:
Google Sites
Wix Website Builder

So to get started on the Internets for eCommerce what do you need?

  • Commitment to spend money to get the result you want
  • Domain Name – a few dollars to 40$ for 2 years. e.g. this websites Domain Name is jamesmcdonald.id.au
  • A reliable Domain Name Server to Host the Domain Name – This can be a part of the webhosting package or another provider (dyndns.com) – $20 – $40 per year
  • Depending on the complexity of your site. You need to decide on whether you need a Content Management System (CMS) or just plain old HTML and Templates (e.g. Joomla, WordPress) (Free to 150$ per month)
  • If you have the need of highly customized site and you can’t do graphic design or PHP/HTML/Javascript coding then retaining Web Developer will be needed ($500-$10,000)
  • A Web Server. Somewhere to put the files that make up your website. Depending on how much help you need you can spend as little as $3.95 to $10.00 (justhost.com, dreamhost.com) per month or as much as $150 (full dynamic scaling on a clustered cloud environment with support from real people)
  • For eCommerce a payment gateway provider – e.g. Paypal or Bank eCommerce Gateway (percentage of each transaction to several thousand dollars + merchant fees)
  • Email – either a free email address (hotmail.com, gmail.com) or one the same as your domain e.g. james at james mcdonald dot id dot au )
  • Email Mailbox & Server to send and receive your emails
  • A fax / phone number so people can contact you
  • On going technical resource to perform backups, edits and upgrades
  • Reliable backup and restore capability



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