[Solved] Event Id 4101 Several Times per day

Written by James McDonald

January 16, 2023

TLDR; Try swapping to another video card.

I built a small form factor PC https://toggen.com.au/it-tips/pc-build/ with a Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 Passive 2GB graphics card and have been using it with 2 displays. I am running it with Windows 11

Several times a day the displays become unresponsive and then go black and restart. In the Event System logs I see Event ID 4101 – “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

It didn’t seem to matter if I have the Microsoft of Nvidia graphic drivers installed.

My brother mentioned that perhaps the graphics card wasn’t handling my dual monitor setup.

So as a work around I have swapped the graphics card with an ASUS Nvidia (GT710-SL-2GD5-BRK) 2GB GT710 PCI-E VGA Card from my other workstation https://toggen.com.au/it-tips/fedora-32-on-amd-pc/

I hope that by swapping the Graphics Cards I will not have this freeze and restart error which is kind of annoying given that it interrupts me multiple times a day.


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