Written by James McDonald

November 10, 2011

I installed the Fedora 16 beta a few weeks back and was mostly pleasantly suprised at Beta things just worked.

I’ve heard a few neg reviews regarding brain dead install failures namely install failing if you have a separate /var partition.

But apart from that. Fedora 16 powered by Gnome 3 shell is just easy to use. Intuitive and uncluttered.

My PPTP VPN fired up and worked brilliantly a testament to how far NetworkManager has come.

Nothing I have used so far has been clunky or backward. And the desktop doesn’t get in my way.

And all this from a Beta install.

And then the release date came and I was thinking I would have to download a new iso and re-install. Nope.

yum --releasever=16 distro-sync

It downgraded some packages and now I have a production release Fedora 16 system (I think).

I’ve run Ubuntu for several years prior to this but… meh.

I started with Caldera back in ummm ’99 and then Redhat, Fedora Core, Ubuntu and then back to Fedora.

Of course Linux being Linux I reserve the right to have daliances with any of the other Linux distros. But at home on the desktop it’s Fedora 16 FTW.


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