Written by James McDonald

May 23, 2012

Just installed Fedora 17 Beta into a Virtualbox VM and two things I notice. It’s an evolutionary improvement to Fedora 16, and the Gnome 3 interface is miles ahead of Ubuntu 12.04’s Unity desktop. (OK, I admit I can’t get used to Unity’s left dominant menu style.)

Fedora 17 mounted the vbox guest additons ISO under /run/media/<my_user_id>/VBOXADDITIONS_4.1.14_77440 so there seems to be a change as to the CD automount location.

Once I had F17 beta installed I had to do a yum groupinstall "Development Tools" and then a yum install kernel-devel-3.3.6-3.fc17.x86_64 plus a reboot to get the Vbox screen resolution up to the hosts monitor resolution.

But other than that I’m now using it Full screen and it seems to work fine.

The Beta has a few buttons that don’t reach state when they are supposed to (i.e. they stay greyed out) but if this is a prelude to F17 proper then I am looking forward to upgrading.

We are all used to the “You have capslock on” warning when you enter a password field. I was a bit taken aback that it also warned of having the num-lock key on … I never use the keypad for my passwords but I suppose that is a feature useful to someone.

So all in all looking forward F17.

Anyway I’m going to bed it’s late.


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