Free Web Application Firewall from CloudFlare

Written by James McDonald

March 18, 2022

So I just saw a Youtube video about a DDOS attack and saw an article online about Cloudflare offering a free Web Application Firewall.

What does a WAF do?

You transfer for your DNS Zone management to Cloudflare

It changes the IP Address of your website so that it points to CloudFlare, they intercept each request and inspect it for malicious content. If the request is malicious it blocks or mitigates the threat.

Your site is still protected by SSL as CloudFlare installs a universal SSL certificate

Getting Started

Sign up to the dashboard

Click the add a site button e.g.

Cloudflare will scavenge your current DNS records and give the you the option to check the DNS records it is going to proxy and then tweak them to be the ones you want WAF protection for.

Then go to you DNS Registrar and change from your current DNS server records to the Cloudflare DNS servers.

And you are done.


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