Git Merge Commits From One Branch Into Another

Written by James McDonald

November 11, 2021

I created a feature in my Toggen WMS to be able to print an SSCC Label PDF from MessageXchange XML the branch in git was xmltopdf

Later I fetched the production “live” code back to my development repo and changed a label print page to have 3 print forms instead of 2. The branch was named threePrintForm

So my goal was to merge the changes from the threePrintForm commits back into my xmltopdf branch

So do that:

# change to my development branch
git checkout xmltopdf

# view all commit logs from all branches and find the commits that had me adding the feature to the production branch
git log --all 

# this commit Added a 3rd Print Form
git check-pick bc795ddfc293cd8d1a3cfb902454b810fb31fb97

# this commit fixed the layout of the forms on the page.
git cherry-pick 95440ab3daed7b08f3f56bb4ad5257237aa531a1

Cherry Pick: choose and take only (the most beneficial or profitable items, opportunities, etc.) from what is available.


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